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Applied learning science

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Delivering on-target real-time learning solutions for clients at far lower cost, much higher quality, and with greater speed and flexibility than previously imaginable, using AI, animation and learning science

Self Study Courses for Individuals

Just £9.99 for a 12-week self-study course, with 12-month access to learning content, discussion forums and assignment feedback!

Primal Leadership


A course designed to show founders how psycho-dynamics can be used to reduce startup failure and increase sustainability, creativity and innovation:

Key theories of the brain, mind & the unconscious 

Using Transactional Analysis in team dynamics

The psychodynamics of startups

Key Program Features

12 bite-sized, video lectures, uploaded each week

90-day program

Self-study activities, and a learning journal

Course authored by expert mentor

About the Dare2Know Platform

The Dare2Know Platform integrates a learning management system with community features, so you join an ecosystem enabling continuous learning and not just individual courses.

World Class Expertise, Global Experience

Dare2Know is built on the expertise of a global team of learning designers, psychotherapists, coaches, academics and business partners, led by Dr Andrew Atter

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