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Introducing Mentorpreneurship

Dr Andrew Atter November 7, 2022

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Where this course leads

The LSE Generate Mentrepreneurship Program builds excellence into the mentoring provided to the startup founders, social entrepreneurs and technology innovators that make up the unique LSE Generate community.

This workbook prepares you for your mentoring role. It encourages you to see mentoring as a wonderful means to grow yourself and, at the same time, shape the leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators of the future.

LSE Generate has led the way in using mentoring as a strategic tool in entrepreneurship, and we’ve learned a lot about what makes mentoring work in volatile startup environments.

The Mentrepreneurship program also builds on LSE’s leadership in the field of SHAPE: Social science, humanities, and arts for people and the economy. SHAPE is a new and more integrated way of thinking about how societies develop and function, not just as systems but as thriving, growing communities. Mentoring lies at the heart of this, bringing interdisciplinary and applied knowledge to where it matters.

Mentoring is a contact sport founded on a relationship. This Workbook will show you how to make that relationship work to the fullest extent. The Workbook will also show how your coaching relationship fits into a broader context. Whether you are new to mentoring or an experienced old hand, we hope this Workbook gives you valuable tools and lots of inspiration along the way.