The Dare Change Lab

After 30 years of experience and in-depth research we’re now making this change lab generally available, and not just for exclusive corporate clients or top universities.

What is a Change Lab?

The Dare Change Lab is an on-tap, self-directed 90-day program based on bite-sized blended learning.

Dare enables you to design changes to your life and work, so you can move in the direction you choose. It is ideal for job changers, business founders, freelancers, consultants, new team leaders, social activists and retirees. Anyone, in fact, who wants to start out in a new direction or step into unfamiliar terrain.

Dare will provide clarity and insight and help you challenge the negative self-talk and inhibiting beliefs that often hold us back or cause us to prevaricate.

The change lab supports you in designing, planning and executing the change that you’re going through. They’ll be weekly live online tutorials where you can ask questions and get coaching in real-time, and also a peer support group where you can network with others going through change.

The focus is on making at least one significant step change in an area important to your life and work, and to ensure you’re really clear about where you are heading in the future.

Why is the Dare Change Lab important now?

The climate emergency, Covid, social changes and transformative technologies are rendering obsolete many of our assumptions about the way we’ve learned in the past. We need to find new and better ways to learn, so we can boost our productivity, adapt faster and solve the complex problems we face.

Dare offers a specially curated set of research-based psychometric tools, both our own and recognized third-party instruments, combined with an expert feedback process. You will learn more about yourself and identify those evergreen skills you’ll need for the future.

The Development Diagnostic Report will identify, describe and prioritise your learning needs based on your own psychology, social context, and underlying behavioural patterns.

It will make it easier for you to translate the insights from the change lab into tangible actions during and after the program.

The Six Core Competencies

To evergreen your skills, we focus on six key competencies that will enable you to make a difference in your world and to stay ahead of automation, economic disruption and social inequalities. These are 

Dare is built around six core evergreen competencies
Social Intelligence
Shaping work culture
Leadership Mission-driven
Social intelligence
Shaping work culture
Innovation Design thinking
Mastering technology
Solution development
Enterprise Entrepreneurship
Creativity Ideation
Coaching Building a learning alliance
Relational connection
Sustainability Wellness & self-care
Ecological awareness
Ethical reasoning

The program will enable us to identify and build on strengths and identify areas that you’ve not yet developed or had the chance to explore. To support this, we’re using well-proven techniques in learning needs assessment, critical reflection, and various forms of external feedback. 

Specific technical and vocational skills, such as digital, language, and professional methods, will always be important.  But, these needs change rapidly over time and are often automated via technology.  It is our core competencies that determine which skills are most relevant to us over time, and also provide the motivation to learn these skills and, more importantly, use them continuously in our everyday lives. 

For example, it is likely that our passion for leadership, coaching or enterprise makes us want to learn a foreign language. We have the desire to understand how people think and be able to see the world from alternative points of view. It is this that makes us want to use a foreign language as often as we can. 

Evergreen competencies, and specific technical competencies, are, therefore, not at odds with each other but are complimentary and mutually reinforcing. But we need to begin with the “why?” and access the underlying motivational drivers in order to make skill acquisition relevant and useful. 

Program Features

As we adapt to this new, more public format, we’re offering the whole 90-day program at a special introductory offer of just £49.99, including all of the following.

The personalised diagnostic report, written by an expert analyst
18 hours of study time over 12 weeks
Bite-sized materials drip fed each week
Weekly tutorials, which are optional
A personalised diagnostic analysis written by an expert analyst

Move beyond fads and superficial clickbait and evergreen your career with insights that will make a difference in the real world, whatever happens next.

So, simply click the big red button below and get started, or create a free Dare2Know account to find out more, and we’ll see you on the other side!

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