Introducing the Site

Top Tips!

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Finding you way around

Activity Feed
The Activity Feed is the main activity centre for the site, where all site-wide and pubic information gets posted and where you can access widgets
Discussion Forums
Forums are to encourage wide debate across big subjects. Some forums are parts of groups, attached to course, while other forums are stand alone
Social Learning Groups
Groups are set up by companies, universities, project teams or course tutors, and are specifically membership based.
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On-demand Courses
Courses are automated and on-demand, meaning you can study anytime, anywhere. You can buy a courses via the Platform Panel on the side of each page
Deep Search Profiles
The profile edit feature allows you to create rich shareable profiles for you and your project
Privacy Control
Via the edit function, you have complete control over the level of privacy for each item in your profile
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Editing Your Profile

Build your profile
Create a rich profile that you can broadcast and that others can search for
Profile Image Sizes
To set up your avatar and your profile image, please use images of the following sizes: Avatar = 170 x 170 pixels (minimum) Background = 1300 x 225 pixels
Find your edit tools
The edit controls are in the top right hand corner, along with privacy settings
You're in control
You can edit every aspect of your profile
Edit controls
Edit your profile fields
Adjust privacy controls
You can change the settings of each element in your profile to be public, all members, only your connections or just yourself. You can change these settings as your project evolves.
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Taking a Course

Access to your course
You can access your course via your profile. Simply click "Start Course"
Course navigation
You can click on any part of the course modules and topics, and navigate freely
Find the main topic
The main topic page will have an overview and also contain instructions for any activities or assignments
Find the course materials
Next to the Topic tab, is the Materials tab. Click to access the back ground slides and reading material
Check the Assignment
Many of the modules and topics will have assignments, tasks or exercises, and these will be on the Topic page, towards the bottom of the page
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