A 90-day, 15 hour, self-study online course focusing on scandals, scams and scoundrels, and what we can learn from them, hosted on the state-of-the-art Dare2Know Learning Management System


Why is this course necessary?

While scandals are common and recurring, we fail to learn from them. As a result, businesses and organisations do not know how to prevent them, or prepare for them when they occur. Learning about the underlying patterns that generate scandals can equip businesses and professionals with the tools they need to plan, mitigate and navigate their way through scandals.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for business leaders, consultants, mentors, coaches, trainers and educators, who have a professional role in anticipating and preparing for potentially highly disruptive events, like scandals.

What does the course provide?

The course provides both an in-depth examination of scandals as a social, cultural and business phenomena. In addition, the course will also provide a wider view, placing scandals in the context of our social psychology.

After reviewing the literature on scandals, the historical background, and detailed case studies, the participants will be introduced to Scandalarity™️ 21Factor Model, which provides a diagnostic framework for understanding scandals:

  • How to avoid creating scandal conditions
  • How to spot scandals before they emerge
  • How to mitigate the effects when they arrive
  • How to learn from them when they do occur

Learning outcomes

Participants will develop a deeper understanding of the causation of scandals, and their risks and likely impacts, and be able to play a more strategic role in advising and influencing on the governance, leadership, culture and learning needed to build the resilient organisations and healthy work cultures.

How will the course be taught? 

The course will be delivered on a state-of-the-art learning management system, which combines the following:

  • Research case studies
  • Rich video and animated media
  • Interactive questionnaires and quizzes,
  • Revision exercises
  • Assignment* upload, and
  • Personalised written feedback*
  • Leanring aids
  • Online library and resource centre

*Needed for Certification

Who will teach the course? 

The course has been authored by Dr Andrew Atter, who has senior academic experience in business, innovation and entrepreneurship, with global experience with boards and leadership teams. Along with a corporate career, in which he reported to the European board of HJ Heinz, Dr Atter was a member of a founder team that completed an IPO.

Since then, Dr Atter has coached and mentored business leaders and investors worldwide, and his clients includes Mercedes-Benz, EY, Heineken, Innova Capital, Eight Roads, Kantar and Nielsen.

Dr Atter has lectured at many universities, including the London School of Economics, Birkbeck (University of London), and the University of Liverpool. He holds masters degrees from both the London School of Economics and Ashridge Business School, and completed his doctorate at the Institute of Work-based Learning, Middlesex University.

Dr Atter has worked in entrepreneurship education, and was Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Birkbeck, and now a Visiting Fellow.


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