Mentor Boost


12-week on-demand, online program for those wanting to develop their mentoring skills and incorporate mentoring into their leadership style. This program will be addressing how mentoring can work in highly fluid and complex environments, such as entrepreneurship, innovation and technology.


The course will show the different types of mentoring, ranging from restorative, formative, instrumental and developmental, and demonstrate how the “Learning Alliance” is at the core of all mentoring relationships. The program will address how mentoring can be used in different formats,  ranging from the classic one-to-one setting, through to reverse mentoring, peer-to-peer mentoring, and group mentoring.

Video lectures will be uploaded each week and there will be activities and exercises to help the learner absorb, integrate and apply the learning into their practice.

Participants will be asked to work on their own mentoring relationships, and keep a journal.

For a merit certificate, participants will be asked to upload a short assignment paper on how they have incorporated the learnings into their mentoring.


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