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Let’s make 2023 a year in which we check our self-limiting assumptions and see the future potential. I saw this post on January 2nd, and thought it was an apt story to start the year.

It is all about building the right team.

Producer George Martin saw the potential but realised they needed Ringo Star to complete the line up. Seeing means looking realistically at what’s there, but also what’s missing, and forming a vision about what you want to create.

Neither the Beatles nor George Martin had recorded a pop record. They learned together and made something new.

This is a great case study of early team formation, and how building the right team has to come first

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What’s the difference between a scandal and a crisis? 

These two words often get mixed up. This conflation is a big problem, as the effective methods of dealing with a scandal and a crisis vary significantly. Get it wrong, and the future of the company is at stake. Most businesses have some crisis management contingency, as this field has been studied to a far greater level. But very few have any actual preparations in place for a scandal. 

A crisis is like rough surf. People with the right skills know what to do. A scandal is a riptide. Far deadlier.


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