From solo to studio

This is an article I wrote while Innovation Coach at the University of Liverpool. We worked with the Design faculty to support creative entrepreneurship amongst final year design students. The session was high energy and a lot of fun, and reinforced for me the unique contribution design can make to entrepreneurship.

Buried amongst all the events during the recent Global Entrepreneurship Week, we managed to squeeze a two-hour in-person session in with design students at the University of Liverpool, with the intention of helping them plan their careers from solo freelancers into studio co-founders.

A fly-wheel of the digital economy

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What’s the difference between a scandal and a crisis? 

These two words often get mixed up. This conflation is a big problem, as the effective methods of dealing with a scandal and a crisis vary significantly. Get it wrong, and the future of the company is at stake. Most businesses have some crisis management contingency, as this field has been studied to a far greater level. But very few have any actual preparations in place for a scandal. 

A crisis is like rough surf. People with the right skills know what to do. A scandal is a riptide. Far deadlier.


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