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Designed  to help founders and innovators work out what's really going on beneath the surface, how to access deep-seated primal motivations in you and your team, and how to keep your venture on-track

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Dr Andrew Atter · October 14, 2022

Working with the psychodynamics of your startup

A course designed to show founders how psychodynamics can be used to reduce startup failure and increase sustainability, creativity and innovation. Passion drives technique, and those passions reside in the hard-to-reach unconscious  parts of our mind.

The module comprises the following:

  • 12 bite-sized video lectures, uploaded each week
  • Self-study activities, and a learning journal
  • A curated list of background reading, videos and podcasts
  • Optional essay assignment, with expert mentoring feedback
  • Membership of a exclusive discussion forum


Module I Overview 

Module II Definitions 

Module III Brain, mind and consciousness

Going Underground

Module IV Key Theories of the unconscious

Module V Using transactional analysis in group dynamics (TA)

Module VI Using TA in practice

In The light of Day 

Module VII The Psychodynamics of Social Intelligence 

Module VIII The psychodynamics of entrepreneurial ecosystems

Module IX: Startup Journey: The “dark side”

Into the Future 

Module X: The Investor Perspective

Module XI: The psychodynamics of mentoring, advising and education 

Module XII: Conclusions: Where we’ve been, where we are, where we’re going?

About Instructor

Dr Andrew Atter

Dr Atter is Managing Director of Dare2Know Ltd. Dr Atter holds Masters degrees at the London School of Economics and Ashridge Business School, and completed his doctorate at the Institute of Work-based Learning at Middlesex University. He is a former Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Birkbeck, and is now a Visiting Fellow at the Birkbeck Centre for Innovation Management Research.

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