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The Dare Change Lab is an on-tap, self-directed program of bite-sized learning, reflective tools, live online tutorials, psychometric tools and feedback instruments, all leading to the preparation of your individual Diagnostic Development Feedback, prepared by an expert analyst. The focus over the 90 days will be on making at least one significant step change in an area important to your life and work and to ensure you're really clear about where you are heading in the future. 

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Dr Andrew Atter · March 1, 2023

Learning in a chaotic world 

What is the Dare2Know Change Lab?

Dare is an integrated self-directed 90-day change lab program that will enable you to design changes to you life and work, so you can move in the direction you choose. It is ideal for job changers, business founders, new team leaders, social activists and retirees. Anyone in fact, who is starting out in a new direction or stepping into unfamiliar terrain. 

Dare will provide clarity, insight and help you challenge the negative self talk and inhibiting beliefs that often hold us back, or cause us to prevaricate. 

The focus will be on start making the change steps during the 90-days itself and then being really clear about where you’re heading over the longer term. 

The change lab is a form of development centre that provides accessible, online tools that support you to design, plan and execute the change that you’re going through. The program will incorporate the following:

Structured needs assessment
Diagnostic tools 
Feedback loops
Peer support
Mentoring groups  
Bite-sized learning modules
Expert diagnostic feedback

Why is it important now?

The climate emergency, Covid, social changes and transformative technologies are rendering obsolete many of our assumptions about the way we’ve learned in the past.  We need to find new and better ways to learn, so we can boost our productivity, adapt faster and solve the complex problems we face.

Dare will generate your own personalised 360° Development Diagnostic Report, offering access to a curated set of psychometric tools, a feedback process and an expert interpretative report, prepared by a (real human) expert analyst. You will learn more about yourself and identify those evergreen skills you’ll need for the future.

The Development Diagnostic Report will identify, describe and prioritise your learning needs based on your own psychology, social context, and underlying behavioural patterns. 

Move beyond fads and superficial clickbait, and evergreen your career with  insights that will make a difference in the real world

The program will be divided into 12 weekly modules, progressively drip fed week-by-week:

  1. Orientation 
  2. Your Journal
  3. Learning Needs Assessment 
  4. Designing Feedback Loops 
  5. Your Personality Profile
  6. Ego states 
  7. Motivations and drives 
  8. Learning styles
  9. Facilitation Styles 
  10. Feedback Review 
  11. Diagnostic Report 
  12. Action Planning & Impact 
  13. Completion & Certification 

The purpose is to provide you with a short, mid-term and long term development plan, identifying describing and prioritising the areas of mindset, behavioural and skillet changes that you will need in order to adapt and grow in the future. 

The Development Centre will focus throughout on six areas:

  • Leadership
  • Innovation
  • Enterprise
  • Creativity
  • Coaching
  • Ethics,

Our research these are the key drivers for lifelong career success.   

The program will be divided into seven modules. While all modules need to be completed, some of the activities and exercises within the modules are voluntary. You can also complete the exercises in any order you prefer. 

The Development Centre has been planned to be completed over 90 days, and requires approximately 12-18 hours of study and preparation time. Upon completion, all Dare2know users will have full access to all the materials for 12 months, including ongoing participation on the Development Centre Study Group. 

About Instructor

Dr Andrew Atter

Dr Atter is Managing Director of Dare2Know Ltd. Dr Atter holds Masters degrees at the London School of Economics and Ashridge Business School, and completed his doctorate at the Institute of Work-based Learning at Middlesex University. He is a former Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Birkbeck, and is now a Visiting Fellow at the Birkbeck Centre for Innovation Management Research.

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