• 12 Lessons

    ►Ground-up Change

    Designed to equip leaders and innovators with the tools they need to research, design and execute a new model of change, recognising that the models we've used in the past have either failed, under-delivered, or are no longer fit for purpose in our post-covid, climate crisis world.

  • 37 Lessons

    Dare Change Lab

    The Dare Change Lab is an on-tap, self-directed program of bite-sized learning, reflective tools, live online tutorials, psychometric tools and feedback instruments, all leading to the preparation of your individual Diagnostic Development Feedback, prepared by an expert analyst. The focus over the 90 days will be on making at least one significant step change in an area important to your life and work and to ensure you're really clear about where you are heading in the future. 

    Special Introductory offer of £49.99 inclusive of the following:

    • 90-day program
    • 12 months of continued access
    • 12-15 hours of study time
    • Materials drip fed each week, over 12 weeks
    • Access to a social learning group