Book Club: Gender Dysphoria: A therapeutic model for working with children, adolescents and young adults

By Susan and Marcus Evans, published by Phoenix Publishing House, 2021

This review appeared in the Summer edition of The Transactional Analyst, published by the UK Association of Transactional Analysts (UKATA): Link

Extract: ‘While not openly calling for conversion therapy, they seem somewhat aligned with it. As a result, their stance is likely to be at odds with many professional bodies worldwide, and they do not attempt to hide this.’

THIS IS A significant book in the transgender debate, written by two former Tavistock psychotherapists who have been on the frontline in therapeutic practice at the Tavistock and Portman Institutes. The book is written from an orthodox Freudian and gender-critical perspective. Though not specifically TA-related, it offers an important, if controversial, contribution to the wider public debate on the best therapeutic paradigm needed to treat gender dysphoria. The book argues that there has been institutional capture in key institutions by a ‘pro-trans medical lobby.’

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