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Jeanette Davies

Dare2Know Ltd, in partnership with the TateAisle Gallery in Birkenhead, is delighted to invite the prize-winning entry in the Winter Exhibition. Jeanette was joint winner with Neil Watson, who will feature in a forthcoming post. Dare2Know is a platform for all types of creative entrepreneurship.

I first began taking photographs whilst the children were growing up, but did not think I had any special talent in it at all. Then, when I worked at Hugh Baird College in 2000, I went on a trip with students to Liverpool Roman Catholic Cathedral and stepped off the coach with my SLR (film) and took a picture of the cathedral with a beautiful blue sky and the central cross gleaming in the sunlight. That was when I realised that photography was for me!


Since then, I have learned about how to take a good picture and have several books which I use to help make my photography stand out. I still have a lot to learn, but I have entered the Williamson Art Gallery’s Spring Exhibition regularly and my favourite picture from Sweden is The Fallen Tree which featured in last year’s Spring exhibition and also in the Tate Aisle Gallery Exhibition in December 2022 at Birkenhead Park’s Visitor Centre, sponsored by Dare2Know.


My preferred style of photography involves interesting landscapes, nature and flowers. I am always on the look out for opportunities to take pictures and I use a Canon DSLR (which is a bit old now) and a Canon compact camera which is easier to pop into a bag and travel. I have also been known to use my iPhone and iPad which produce high quality images too.

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