Announcement: Dare2Know co-founder appointed

Nupur Arora joins Dare2Know Ltd as co-founder and Director of Client Services

Nupur Arora brings rich experience as an LSE-trained social entrepreneur
and educator

Dare2Know Ltd is pleased to announce that Nupur Arora has joined as co-founder and Director of Client Services, focusing initially on supporting partner organisations and individual users through the Dare Change Lab.

Nupur brings rich experience following her work in teaching and social enterprise research in India, Africa and the UK. 

She has an MSc in Entrepreneurship and Sustainability from the London School of Economics and prior experience working in start-ups.

She is passionately committed to sustainability and sees transformational learning at the very heart of this challenge.

We invite you to drop her an email ( or even better, set up your free account and join her on the Dare2Know platform:  

I am personally really looking forward to working with Nupur. Please join me in wishing her every success!

Dr Andrew Atter,

Managing Director, Dare2Know Ltd

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