A personal introduction

From Dare2know co-founder and Director of Client Services, Nupur Arora


I am delighted to be joining Dare2Know as co-founder and Director of Client Services.

So, to all new and prospective Dare2Know clients, I look forward to getting to know you and supporting your needs at an organisational and personal level. 

Why I joined?...

I am passionate about creating sustainable and inclusive solutions through innovative education. Coming from a family of educators, I became inspired by Dare2know’s approach to continuous learning. Having worked with mission-oriented organisations and on-the-ground stakeholders in India, Africa and the UK, I want to work with Dr Atter to shape our vision of creating real change during this decade, which is critical if we meet the UN Sustainability Goals of 2030. 

A little bit about me…

Becoming a Partner with Dare2Know is a natural progression after completing my Master’s in Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship from the London School of Economics. It extends my passion for learning with a global perspective at a deeper, more pragmatic level. At the LSE, I was fortunate to be part of a passionate and diverse cohort worldwide. I come equipped with research and design tools and look forward to bringing these with me to support Dare2Know clients and users. 

How we can help you…

Dare2Know, founded by Dr Andrew Atter, is a learning science company that has built a unique platform comprising a learning management system (LMS) integrated with a social platform. It aims to make entrepreneurship and innovation education more human-centred, inclusive and accessible, focusing on six core competencies: 

Our new venture, the Dare Change Lab, offers a 90-day learning program with a structured needs assessment, diagnostic tools, feedback loops, and bite-sized learning modules leading to expert diagnostic feedback (Click), enabling users to make at least one significant step change in an area vital to their life and work. 

How you can contact me…

As someone always looking to connect with people in this space, the platform is a great tool to engage and collaborate with like-minded individuals to create impact. Drop me an email at (nupur.arora@dare2know.io), or even better, join me on our platform and create a free account!

I am excited to join Dare2Know as it offers exciting possibilities to drive transformational change and bring a sustainable and ethical perspective. I look forward to working with purposeful leaders who can make change happen. 

You can find out more about me from my Dare2Know profile here:

I really look forward to working with you all!


Nupur Arora, MSc, Director of Client Services, Dare2Know Ltd

Email: nupur.arora@dare2know.io

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