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Sapere Aude, dare to know 

Immanuel Kant, 1784: “Sapere means to understand, but also to taste, and enthusiastically so, such that the Spanish have the expression con sabor, ‘with gusto’.”*

Transforming Learning

Dare2Know is a platform for social learning, combining a learning management system with social forums and rich messaging tools, empowering groups to learn in new ways. 

  • Create a shareable profile
  • Set up your own user group
  • Join forums
  • Engage in threaded conversations (avoid doom-scrolling!)
  • Join courses and learning cohorts
  • Access learning tools 

Dare2Know creates new forms of lifelong learning, outside the formal education or training. 

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The Future of Learning

Dare2Know triangulates traditional teaching, MOOCs and on-the-job training, taking what’s useful from each and leaving behind out-of-date methods and fads.

Existing forms of learning are overwhelmed by volatility, generate high dropout rates and poor validated in the real world.

We’re building a future around design thinking, relationships with trusted experts and validation of experiential learning.

Online Team Development Centre

The climate emergency, Covid, social changes and transformative technologies are rendering obsolete many of our assumptions about the way we’ve learned in the past.  Get ready for the future!

Generate your personal and team 360° development report, offering access to a curated set of psychometric tools, a feedback process and an expert interpretative report, prepared by a (real human) expert analystThis will identify, describe and prioritise your derailment risks and growth opportunities based on your psychological profiles, social context, and underlying behavioural patterns. 

Move beyond fads and superficial clickbait, and evergreen your career with  insights that will make a difference in the real world

Sapere Aude, dare to know 

Immanuel Kant, 1784

“Sapere means to understand, but also to taste, and enthusiastically so, such that the Spanish have the expression con sabor, ‘with gusto’. 

What configures enlightenment is the experience of knowledge being created and savoured, especially when daring to push at the edges of convention, to enquire along the limits of common sense.” (*Holt & de Hold, 2013)

Customised learning design

We apply design thinking to learning, and use cognitive and behavioural science to shape our work. This means we have rethought the way learners accesses content, navigate through a course, deliver work, track their results, and get coaching, feedback and recognition.

We provide fully automated self-directed, self paced study options, supported by social learning, gamification and animation, to make learning seamless, fun and integral to applied work activity. 

Meet Dr Andrew Atter

Managing Director, Dare to Know Ltd

Professor Muthu De Silva, Birkbeck, University of London "Andrew is an excellent lecturer. He brings both academic rigour and practical experience to the class. His unique experience as a scholar, with a doctorate in entrepreneurial behaviour, as an entrepreneur who has established successful businesses and as a coach who has helped leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators grow their businesses, makes his teaching of amazing value to students."
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Mercedes Own Retail

Building a culture of entrepreneurship

“Each of our team members completed the Dynamiqe™ psychometric tool, which created for us our individual results.  These results were then discussed in a workshop to decide what they meant for us as a team. 

During this discussion we identified the key entrepreneurial attributes that we believe we should emphasise in a rapidly changing industry landscape.  We used this exercise to develop both team and individual action plans”. 

Client Testimonial